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Trying to figure out the best location to find an elusive mod? Are you looking all over the place to figure out what Warframe relics give out which items, and the best location(s) to find these relics? Say no more! Warframe lookups have never been easier.

To start, begin typing the name of a item set/prime set/mod in the search box above, and then select the appropriate item from the resulting list of search suggestions. You may also press enter or click the search button at any time, and it will return every item that approximates the entered text. The search results will be displayed in this area.

Click on an item to expand/condense additional information (if applicable), including:

  • Which enemies drop the item (If applicable)
  • Planets/nodes where the item can be obtained
  • What mission type each node is
  • The probability of obtaining the item, per rotation or mission clear
  • The enemy level/faction/tile set of each node

NOTE: Each Prime part contains its own list of relics, headed by the name of the part on the top left, and its ducat value on the top right. Click on a part to display/hide the relics that can drop that prime item, then click on a relic to reveal its drop information.

If you don't know what "rotation" is referring to, click here.

Enjoy! This is an early build, so there may be some bugs. Contact us if you feel there are errors in the design/coding, or have suggestions. For now, this site focuses upon reward tables, but expect future expansions that provide additional resources for Warframe players.

Please note: This website currently focuses on the PC version, so the drop tables may be inaccurate for PS4/XBO versions.